Veteran Talk Show Episode 1 Trailer

During our first episode, we talk John Lennon, Harry Potter, and basic training. While we await launch of the Veteran Talk Show, here’s a trailer.

Trailer Captions:

Joe: You’re gonna get a lot of hate mail about this. What’s wrong with the douche bag and the hat?

Jacob: If this was myspace tom would even unfriend you.

Ryan (Narrating): A Soldier, an Airman, and a Marine walk into a room. This show is the punchline. My name is Ryan Smeltz and you’re watching veteran talk show.

Joe: It’s like 20 minutes later… there’s another pounding on the door and my buddy just opens it up, like the guy I’m rooming with and there’s there’s three boots in this room… three new guys he just opens the door and just gets [ __ ] sternum checked. Okay we’ll see how this goes.

Ryan (Narrating): This is the Veteran Talk Show. Find more episodes at If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health issues or needs help with addiction, please click on the link that says Resources on our website. This show is hosted by Ryan Smeltz and guest starring Joe Balak and Jacob Mazza. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe as well.

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